About this blog

I get easily involved in passionate debates with developers, marketers, and tech buyers about new technology that would (or not) deliver better experiences to users, and meaningful outcomes to businesses. I’m sharing here some of the thoughts that they’ve triggered, including the lost ones, that did not necessarily find a practical application in my corporate life yet, but that I found valuable –out of interest for technology, for business, or just for fun. Small ideas may connect to form great insight! This blog is my contribution to help think about –and live through– the tech business age.


JH medaillon
Jean Huy is an experienced product marketer in the global business software market. Prior to his current role as Vice President of Global Product Marketing at Sage,  he held various positions in marketing at IBM in Europe, and worked for several years as a consultant for Mercedes Benz Trucks and leading French retailers Carrefour and Auchan. Jean also co-founded an Internet venture dedicated to making France’s most authentic travel experiences more accessible to the American public. A French native, Jean now lives in California, where he enjoys the entrepreneurial culture and forward thinking of its people, the wild spaces and exiting outdoor experiences of its land, and the best possible food one can find in America.
Note: the views expressed in this blog are those of the author and may not represent those of the companies and institutions to which he is or has been affiliated.